Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 2, 2009 - Sophia's 2nd Birthday Party

Sophia had a ladybug themed party for her second birthday. She was all excited about her party. For days we had been teaching her how old she was going to be. So if you ask her, "How old are you?", she'll hold up 2 fingers and say "Two." It's adorable!

The cake came out amazing! It was absolutely perfect! We got it from the continental Bakery in Swansea- I highly recommend it. It tasted great and was a good price!

We had a lot of people at her party and she had fun playing with her friends and cousins.

She got some great clothes and toys, as well as a dollhouse from Mommy & Daddy. She acted like a typical toddler, she had an attention span of about 5 seconds per present before she was off to do something else. She was great at ripping the presents open and got very excited about what was inside. She oohed and ahhed over the cute clothes she received. I heard a lot of "That's so cute!" from her while we were taking out clothes from the gift bags. lol.

David seems to be the official photographer of Sophia's birthday parties. It's awesoem having a friend who majors in photography. lol! We're waiting to get the pictures back from him that he took. I know that they'll be 100 times better than mine. Plus he got some pictures of her blowing out her cake.

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